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City Government

Guidelines and F.A.Q.


This form is for thunder bay students who wish to ask a question of a member of council. this form should not be used for general enquiries on Council services.


How do I ask a question?

You may ask a question by completing the online form below. The City Clerk’s Office will coordinate this process and forward the question to the identified council member.

When submitting the question, you must give your name, address and e-mail address (please note that contact details will not be disclosed without your permission).

Who can ask a question?

Youth attending school in Thunder Bay. 

What can I ask?

Questions must be relevant to some matter in which the Council has powers or duties. Each submitted question should be limited to one subject, but may have more than one part.

Please keep in mind...

  1. The City Clerk's office may disallow a question if it:
    1. is in the nature of a statement or is so prefaced as to have its emphasis on a statement rather than a genuine enquiry; 
    2. relates to a matter in response to which Council has no power to act; 
    3. is defamatory, abusive or objectionable in language or nature; 
    4. is repetitive of a question already asked/posted previously; or 
    5. is asked to embarrass a Councillor or member of Council/City staff.