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Submit a deputation request

Submit a deputation Council Chambers

Want to contribute your voice on municipal issues? It’s actually not has hard as you think!

  • Anyone can ask to present to Council. If you do, you are called a "delegate" (or your group is called a “delegation”) and your presentation called a “deputation.”
  • You can only speak at a meeting that has a particular connection to your issue (an item that is on the agenda).
  • You must ask in advance to speak – to pre-register, visit this page or contact the Office of the City Clerk at (807) 625-2230.
  • To find out what issues will be discussed by Council, consult the agendas and minutes online here.

Think of your deputation as a very short seminar or 'speech' - something you've probably already experienced in high school!  Youth, especially, have a unique perspective on certain issues, and if it weren't for youth input, accomplishments such as the Marina Skatepark probably wouldn't have been as successful. City Council wants and needs your perspective to make accurate, fair, and responsible decisions.