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High School Co-Op Student Placement Program

If you choose to do your co-op at the City, a fantastic experience awaits you. First, after you complete your interview and if you are accepted, you go through a corporate orientation to familiarize yourself with the City's structure. 

Then, you begin to work, and that's where the fun truly starts. Just read what Taylor, a grade 12 student at St. Ignatius High School, had to say about her placement in the Life Enrichment Department/Recreation Department at Dawson Court Home for the Aged: 

"At first I was nervous, but as soon as I met the residents I knew I was meeting future friends. I received a lot more out of the program than I initially thought, learning a lot from the stories the residents told me...It was more fun than 'work' per se, as I learned new skills like how to communicate with Alzheimer's patients, but it was difficult when some residents passed away. My training was extensive and rewarding - I was taken on a tour, instructed on safety procedures such as fire drills and evacuation protocol. Manicure safety training was especially interesting. Overall, a great experience!" 

Taylor's supervisor, Caroline Cameron-Fikis, also had some positive comments about the program:

"Over my years as a supervisor I have had many co-op students on placement with the Life Enrichment/Recreation Department. My experience with students has been a positive one. The students are invaluable in helping us reach more residents.

"They assist us in getting them involved in programs and at the same time it is also an Inter-generational Program. Student and resident interaction is very rewarding as both gain; the student learns communication/work skills and the residents' quality of life is enhanced by having all this positive energy around them. Many of the students on placement further their careers in nursing and recreation or other disciplines available in Long Term Care.

"Taylor was a co-op student of ours from February to June 2011. While Taylor was here she assisted us with daily recreational programs for our residents. She made many friendships and also learned the value of how positive interactions with residents can assist them in adjusting to living in Long Term Care. Taylor learned all about daily work relationships, being part of the team, and she learned organizational skills in providing daily activities. She was always professional and keen to learn. As the placement continued Taylor became more confident and clear about her learning objectives. It becomes a win-win for everyone when students want to learn and residents and staff become role models for our youth."

This demonstrates the benefits that both the student and the City garner from the Co-op Student Placement Program. For more information about the Co-op Student Placement program, including the application form, the position descriptions and an informative video, please click here.