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Medical Student Award

The City of Thunder Bay Medical Student Award is part of a strategic recruitment effort used to recognize and reward local learners who are currently studying medicine at any medical school in Canada. One critical criterion of the award is to fully intend on practicing as a Family Physician within the City of Thunder Bay, upon successful completion of postgraduate residency. We look forward to working closely with all new physicians as they establish their practices and contribute to the overall success of our community. 

For 2015, there was one award of $5,000. 

Photo of Award Winner Tracey Sarmiento and Councillor Iain Angus


In 2015, one outstanding applicant was successful in the selection process. The selection committee is proud to present this award to Tracy Sarmiento, a fourth year undergraduate medical student at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. Congratulations Tracy! 

TRACY SARMIENTO 2015 City of Thunder Bay Family Medicine Award Winner

Tracy Sarmiento was born and raised in Thunder Bay. She has clearly demonstrated a strong desire to pursue a career in family medicine and practice in her hometown. 

In 2007, Tracy graduated from Lakehead University’s Honours Bachelor of Science Kinesiology & Bachelors of Arts Psychology with First Class Standing. In 2009, she then went on to graduate from Queen’s University’s Master of Science in Physical Therapy with First Class Standing. Throughout Tracy’s Physiotherapy training and work experience, she realized her desire to broaden her scope of practice and pursue a growing passion for family medicine. This passion helped shaped Tracy’s vision of becoming a top candidate for the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. 

In 2012, Tracy was accepted to the Northern Ontario School of Medicine undergraduate medical degree program. Since then, Tracy has consistently been involved in various medical based interest groups. She has continued to be a member of the NOSM Family Medicine Interest Group and has continuously shown a strong initiative to become involved with various topics. During her first year of study, Tracy realized that advocacy was an important role for physicians. She was successful in winning the Dean’s Research Award while choosing to research one of the first advocacy groups in Ontario, the Ontario Advisory Council on Senior Citizens. Following this endeavour, Tracy applied to become an Executive Member of the Ontario Political Advocacy Committee, or OPAC. Only 2 students from each medical school in Ontario are chosen and Tracy has been successful in holding these positions from 2013 to 2014 and again from 2014 to 2015. At the end of her first year as a member of the OPAC executive group, Tracy was chosen to attend Lobby Day at Queen’s Park to speak to various Members of Provincial Parliament to advocate for her fellow students and Ontarians regarding the creation of adequate health human resources. These particular achievements demonstrate Tracy’s strong desire to advocate for important issues pertaining to medical students and the Ontario health care system.  

Most recently, Tracy had an original article published in the Ontario Medical Association’s publication Scrub In. The article detailed the exponential increases in Canadian Medical School Tuition and the implications this is having on the health of Canadians and the types of practice implications this has for aspiring physicians. Tracy also has presented at the Family Medicine Grand Rounds in Midland, Ontario. This particular presentation focused on new evidence regarding proton pump inhibitors being linked with Clostridium difficile diarrhea as well as hospital and community acquired pneumonias. 

Throughout the many achievements and accolades, Tracy has consistently shown a passion to connect with family physicians and learn best practices from their scope of work. During her most recent, 8-month family medicine clerkship she became completely immersed in the community and began to develop her unique style of practice. As Tracy enters her fourth and final year of her medical undergraduate training, she has already shown strong signs of community involvement and desire to practice family medicine locally in Thunder Bay. Tracy fully intends on applying for Family Medicine residency training as she completes her final year. She has a strong desire to become a family physician in Thunder Bay, and practice in the city she grew up in; the city that shaped her as a person and an aspiring future family physician. Tracy would undoubtedly be honoured to successfully practice family medicine in Thunder Bay and create a positive impact on her hometown. 

Congratulations Tracy on receiving this award!  

Caitlyn Phirbny
Community Health Sciences Recruiter
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