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City Government

Logos & Symbols

Every day, thousands of people see communications materials from many parts of the City of Thunder Bay's system - from the Senior Administration to the program and service providers. Each communication gives the City of Thunder Bay the opportunity to make a good impression and influence the long-standing attitudes and opinions of local, provincial, national and international audiences.

Strengthening the City's Visual Identity

The City has taken an opportunity to redefine how we use our logo and Superior By Nature brand to create a new, unified and dynamic visual identity for our City - a city that is a great place to live, work, visit and raise families. New colours, design elements, typography and imagery have been chosen to depict a sence of strength and energy. The result is marketing and communication tools such as print ads, publications and the City's website that showcase Thunder Bay in a fresh and modern new way.

Three symbols are used to represent the City of Thunder Bay:

Thunder Bay City Logo

The City of Thunder Bay's corporate identity has been designed to promote the City to its client groups, utilizing a strong, unified image... MORE

Coat of Arms (GIF)

This is a skillful selection and blending of elements from the Coats of Arms of the former cities of Port Arthur and Fort William... MORE
City Flag FLAG
In 1972, Mayor S. Laskin wished to promote the City of Thunder Bay by having a distinctive City flag. The design forms a golden sky...MORE