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Walk A Mile

Maamawe (All Together)


Through the creation of the Aboriginal Liaison Logo, the City of Thunder Bay’s Elders Advisory Council has provided us with our vision - Maamawe - All Together. By respecting our uniqueness, sharing our gifts and celebrating our successes we will live, learn, grow, and build Maamawe - All Together

 Maamawe Logo

The logo was painted by Kevin Belmore in the traditional Woodlands style. The sweetgrass braid represents healing, the four colours represent the diversity in our community, and the sun represents the Inuit people as well as the new light that is shining on our relationship. The man (wearing a Métis sash) and woman represent a balanced approach and are at the centre of what is important – people. They are kneeling on the Sleeping Giant which represents the City of  Thunder Bay.