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The Elders’ Advisory Council has provided guidance, support and direction to much of the work of the Aboriginal Liaison and is a fundamental way of connecting to the community while receiving support and guidance on issues of protocol, traditional practices and ceremonies. The Elders Advisory Council is an integral component to the work of the Aboriginal Liaison.

The following are the Elders who current sit on the Elders' Advisory Council:
• Freda McDonald
• Senator Bob McKay
• Ma Nee Chacaby
• Beatrice Twance-Hynes
• Sam Achneepineskum

Freda McDonald

Freda McDonald Photo 

Senator Bob McKay

Senator Bob McKay Photo

Ma Nee Chacaby

Ma Nee Chacaby - Photo

Beatrice Twance-Hynes

Beatrice Twance-Hynes Photo

Sam Achneepineskum

Sam Achneepineskup Photo