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What is Racism
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What is Racism?

“Definitions of racism all agree that it is an ideology that either explicitly or implicitly asserts that one racialized group is inherently superior to others. Racist Ideology can be openly manifested in racial slurs, jokes or hate crimes. However, it can be more deeply rooted in attitudes, values, and stereotypical beliefs. In some cases these beliefs are unconsciously maintained by individuals and have become deeply embedded in systems and institutions that have evolved over time”   

— Ontario Human Rights Commission


Racial Profiling:
Any act undertaken for safety, security, or public protection that uses race as a basis for differential treatment.

A preconceived opinion without reason or experience.

Anti Racism Resources - Children ImageStereotyping:
Assigning the same characteristics to each member of a group despite individual difference; it is often oversimplified, misconceived, or based off of incomplete information or false generalizations.

Subtle Forms:
There are less overt forms of racial discrimination that can occur. Examples include lack of service or differential treatment, disqualification from rental units, jobs, etc., or even in the form of jokes.

Hate Crime:
In regards to racism, a hate crime is a crime that’s motivation is based off of race.

Hate Divides a Community Pamphlet  Adobe PDF, 2 pages, 416 KB

Systemic Racism:
Institutional racism or systemic racism describes forms of racism which are structured into political and social institutions. It occurs when organizations, institutions or governments discriminate, either deliberately or indirectly, against certain groups of people to limit their rights.
—  Excerpted from: racismnoway.com.au/teaching-resources/factsheets/32.html


In a report on racial profiling, the Ontario Human Rights Commission has found several negative effects: