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City Government

Civic Pride

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Increasing Civic Pride is a major priority of Council and the 2015-2018 Corporate Strategic Plan for the City of Thunder Bay with the goal of engaging residents as ambassadors for our community.

Strategy 1.1 of the Becoming our Best 2015-2018 Corporate Strategic Plan is to “Build civic pride through proactive community engagement of citizens and business.” A key action is the development of a Civic Pride Plan including partnership opportunities, targeted initiatives and recognition.”

The City has created a Civic Pride Task Force that brings together representatives of City Council, Administration and key players from across the community. Membership includes:

  • Chair of Community Communications (Chair)
  • President – SHIFT Young Professionals Network (Co-Chair)
  • Vice-President – SHIFT Young Professionals Network
  • Community Communications Committee (3)
  • Clean Green and Beautiful Representatives (2)
  • Ambassadors Northwest (1)
  • Chamber of Commerce (1) 
  • Community Economic Development Commission (1)
  • Lakehead Social Planning Council (1)
  • Regional Multicultural Youth Council (1)
  • Thunder Bay District Labour Council (1)
  • Thunder Bay Friendship Centre (1)