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Event Centre Site Evaluation Matrix

Based on the expectations and deliverables of the Phase 2 Report, the Consulting Team has identified the following as overall elements of the Site Evaluation Matrix:

  • Vision – is the development of an Event Centre at this location consistent with the overall long-term vision of the City and its pattern of strategic growth?
  • Complimentary Benefits – does development of this site enhance the neighbouring area or context?
  • Ease of Development – are there issues or costs associated with the development of this particular site?  Are there environmental issues that impact the development process?
  • Access – is this site easily accessible from a vehicular, pedestrian, and transit (current and future) perspective?  Are improvements/modifications required to support the site?
  • Parking – how much parking is required for each site to support the Event Centre?  Is there existing parking in the area that can be reasonably used to accommodate demands? Can parking be added?
  • Cost Impact – are there issues associated with the development of the site that result in higher project or construction costs?
  • Economic Impact – does the development of this site have an enhanced economic impact for the City and Region? 
  • City Building – does this site enhance the process of “city-building” by contributing to economic growth, quality of life, citizen satisfaction and community pride?