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City Water Does Not Need Extra Treatment
Date: October 26, 2017
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October 26, 2017 – Recently, residents in the McLaughlin Street area have been receiving telemarketing offers or home visits from a business trying to sell water filtration systems.

In response, the Thunder Bay District Health Unit is reminding the public that City drinking water does not require additional purification treatments. And, that the City of Thunder Bay – responsible for the treatment and monitoring of the municipal drinking water supply – inspects the water around-the-clock to ensure its safety.

“Drinking water quality is a top priority,” says Tony Santos, Supervisor of the Municipal Drinking Water Licensing Program with the City of Thunder Bay.

“Water quality is monitored every minute of every day by certified operators and online instrumentation. The public can be confident in the quality of water produced at the Bare Point Water Treatment Plant.”

If a person chooses to buy a water treatment system to provide extra treatment to the water they drink, here are some tips to keep in mind from the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services before making a major purchase:

  • Research the product before buying to compare quality and price. 
  • Ask the seller for references. 
  • Ask the seller to fully explain anything you are unsure about before you buy. 
  • Get all promises in writing and keep your receipts. 
  • Be wary of extravagant sales claims. If something sounds too good to be true, it might be.

The Consumer Protection Act, 2002, sets out ground rules that cover most consumer dealings in Ontario. For a list of basic consumer rights under this law, visit their website by entering “Ministry of Consumer Services” into a search engine.

Residents interested in knowing more about the water treatment process or who have concerns about municipal water can call a city dispatcher at 625-2195.

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Contact: Tony Santos, Supervisor of the Municipal Drinking Water Licensing Program, 684-2160