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Council Approved the Purchase of a Mobile Speed Radar Sign
Date: October 3, 2017
Time: 12:00 AM

October 3, 2017 – City Council approved the purchase of a mobile speed radar sign yesterday at Committee of the Whole. The mobile sign provides flexibility, allowing it to be deployed to several areas of concern throughout the city.

“The criteria used to evaluate the need for a speed radar sign revolve around safety, specifically on safety of the most vulnerable road users,” said Kayla Dixon, Director – Engineering & Operations. “Proximity to destinations that generate pedestrian and cyclist traffic was taken into consideration as well as traffic statistics such as speed and number of vehicles.”

From the criteria review and speed data available, the following priority areas have been determined in the south side of the city:

Neebing Avenue from Frederica Street West to Walsh Street West
Arthur Street West from Parkdale Boulevard to Mapleward Road
Francis Street West from Neebing Avenue to James Street South
Mary Street West from Neebing Avenue to James Street South 

Locations were reviewed based on locations known to the Engineering & Operations Division through resident complaints as well as locations identified by the Thunder Bay Police as areas of speeding concerns. 

Earlier this year, Administration recommended the installation of a permanent speed radar sign along the Arundel Street Active Living Corridor.

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Contact: Kayla Dixon, Director – Engineering & Operations, 625-3022