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St. Patrick’s High School Presents City with Crossing Guard Huts
Date: December 12, 2017
Time: 1:03 PM
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December 12, 2017 – St. Patrick’s High School’s woodworking class built crossing guard huts and presented them to the City of Thunder Bay today. 

The City approached St. Patrick’s High School and Hammarskjold High School with the idea of their students using the skills taught in woodworking classes to build new crossing guard huts for the community. 

“Some of the students who built these huts may have used the crossing guard services during their elementary school days, and now they are helping to build huts for the current guards and students,” said Julie Wiejak, Field Supervisor –Crossing Guards. “It is great to see a project for the students to take pride in. We often see vandalism and damage to the huts, requiring us to have multiple huts ready to replace them.” 

St. Patrick’s High School students built nine crossing guard huts. 

"We are proud of our St. Patrick's students for their initiative and their hard work,” said Mr. Ramon Verardo, Teacher – woodworking, St. Patrick’s High School. “They have not only given back to our wonderful crossing guards, but to our community.” 

Hammarskjold High School students built five crossing guard huts. 

“The students really bought into this project and they all know what those huts represent,” said Mr. Louis Kok, Shop Teacher – Hammarskjold High School. “They have all benefited from the good work of the folks that provide the crossing guard service and our students see this as their chance to give back.” 

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Contact: Julie Wiejak, Field Supervisor – Crossing Guards, 621-5395