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Weekend Snowmobile Accidents Keep Emergency Services Busy
Date: February 20, 2018
Time: 2:50 PM
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February 20, 2018 – Superior North Emergency Medical Services (SNEMS) paramedics were kept busy over the weekend responding to multiple snowmobile accidents. At about 11:20 am on Saturday, Feb. 17, a 911 call was received for two people injured from a snowmobile accident south of Shabaqua Corners. Upon arrival, paramedics learned the two injured snowmobilers were located about 17 km in the bush with access only by snowmobile. With the help of some good samaritans, one of the paramedics was able to travel to the location on a snowmobile to treat the patients, both of whom were found to have serious injuries. The paramedic was able to stabilize the patients and both were transported out thanks to the help of the good samaritans. One patient was transferred to the Ornge paramedics and by means of helicopter transported to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. The second patient was transported by SNEMS land ambulance paramedics.  

Later that same day SNEMS paramedics were again dispatched to a snowmobile accident about 14 km west of Schreiber at Deep Lake for a male patient with serious injuries. The Schreiber Fire Department also responded and were able to transport paramedics to the accident scene. The paramedics were able to stabilize the patient and with assistance from the Schreiber Fire Department transported the patient out of the remote area to the ambulance. The patient was later transferred to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.

In the first incident, the snowmobile had struck a tree and in the second incident, the person was struck from behind by another snowmobile. “In both these accidents, although the patients had serious injuries, I have no doubt they are alive today because they were wearing helmets,” said Wayne Gates, Chief of SNEMS. “Helmets do save lives and here are two prime examples of where they did.”

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Contact: Wayne Gates, Chief of SNEMS, 626-4253,