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Aging Park Trees to be Salvaged for Waterfront

April 7, 2010 – The City of Thunder Bay will be removing 14 ash trees that are approximately 90-years-old from the north side of Vickers Park.  The removals are part of a road reconstruction project which will also widen the sidewalks on Arthur Street and improve pedestrian safety.  At 90-years-old, the trees are near the end of their life cycle, which is shortened by the urban environment.

Instead of being chipped, which is the usual practice, the wood from these trees will be salvaged and used in several elements of the City’s Waterfront Development including tongue and groove siding, benches and column cladding.

"The trees will be milled for columns on the outside of the Water Garden Pavilion, which is appropriate since the whole theme of the building is a clearing in the forest,” said Cal Brook of BMI/Pace, Brook McIlroy/Pace Architects. “If there is wood left over, we will repurpose it for outdoor furniture and siding.”

In preparation for the tree removal, the Parks Division previously planted large caliper trees behind those being removed in keeping with the restoration master plan for the park.

The project is being undertaken in consultation with the City’s Urban Forestry Program, which works collaboratively with other City Departments and utilities to accommodate all components of municipal infrastructure while promoting the greening of Thunder Bay.

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Contact:     Shelley Vescio, City Forester, 625-2473
                  Katherine Dugmore, Waterfront Project Manager, 625-2406