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Celebration Circle Panels Installed at Prince Arthur’s Landing

October 28, 2011 - A series of artistic panels have been installed at the Spirit Garden in Prince Arthur’s Landing. The panels, designed by Thunder Bay artist Randy Thomas, adorn the front of the Celebration Circle, a new architectural feature in the park. The Circle was designed by aboriginal architect Ryan Gorrie, originally from Thunder Bay.

Thomas’ artwork was selected through a competition open to local and regional artists, administered by the City’s Public Art Program.  Produced in the Woodland style developed by the Ahnishnabae, the imagery depicts animals representing the air, land, water and fire including turtle island (North America) and the thunderbird. To honour Roy Thomas, his late father and mentor, Randy chose to include the artwork Lifegivers as part of the panel imagery.

“I strongly believe in keeping tradition and to never forget where you come from. Through my art I thank my ancestors and relatives for passing on their teachings” said Thomas. 

The Spirit Garden has been designed as a place where local Aboriginal artistry, culture and traditions are reflected and celebrated.

“It’s a great achievement to have Thomas’ work incorporated at the waterfront, particularly at this site which holds so much cultural and historic significance,” said Beverly Ball, Manager - Recreation & Culture Division.

In keeping with the City’s Clean, Green and Beautiful policy, the City’s Waterfront Development Committee identified the incorporation of public art as a priority. City Council approved the allocation of 2% of the original capital budget for the City’s waterfront construction for the production of public art.

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Contact: Reana Mussato, Public Art Coordinator, 625-2365