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Citizens Helping to Make EarthWise Plan a Reality

January 5, 2009 – City Council is proud to announce the appointment of six citizen members to the EarthWise Advisory Committee. The EarthWise Community Environmental Action Plan, adopted by City Council this past October, provides a blueprint for moving toward a more sustainable community. The EarthWise Advisory Committee’s role is to assist with the implementation of the Plan.

Citizens named to the Committee are as follows:

Barry Beaupre Kinna-aweya Legal Clinic
Lynn Duffield Zero Waste Action Team
Denise Golden Citizen
John Stephenson KSGM Architects
Kirsti Tasala  Citizen
Jane Todd  Ontario Power Generation

“We are pleased to welcome these dedicated community members to the EarthWise Committee,” said Mayor Lynn Peterson. “They share Council’s vision and motivation to work toward a better tomorrow. Together, we will strive for a healthy community that is clean, green, beautiful and proud!”

Citizen members will also be joined by Councillors Rebecca Johnson and Andrew Foulds, Sarah Kerton, Community Environment Action Plan Coordinator and Kerri Marshall, Manager – Environment  Division, for a total of 10 members.

“Making this plan a reality not only requires the support of the municipality, but also a commitment from and engagement of the public,” said Sarah Kerton, Community Environmental Action Plan Coordinator. “I have been so lucky to work with amazing volunteers in the development of the Plan and I am thrilled that some of them are taking on this new advisory role.”

The EarthWise Advisory Committee will meet for the first time on Tuesday, Jan. 6; a Committee Chair will be selected at that time. The EarthWise Plan, as well as more opportunities to get involved, can be viewed at

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Contact: Sarah Kerton, Community Environment Action Plan Coordinator, 625-2411 or