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City Active in Climate Change Initiatives

Dec. 8, 2009 – The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) today released the report, “Act Locally: The Municipal Role in Fighting Climate Change” to position municipalities as key players at the 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) from Dec. 7-18 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

"Municipalities play a critical role in addressing climate change as they control 44% of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada," said Councillor Linda Rydholm, Director - National Board, FCM.

The FCM report shows that municipalities have the proven, cost-effective projects Canada needs to jump-start its national climate change strategy, and The City of Thunder Bay is already taking action and actively participating. A participant in the Partners for Climate Protection program of FCM–ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) since 1997, Thunder Bay is currently working towards implementing the EarthWise Community Environmental Action Plan.

The City of Thunder Bay is doing its part to help Canada meet its climate change targets through its recent investments in new sustainable infrastructure and processes which make Thunder Bay one of the best run, clean and green cities in the province, saving taxpayer dollars in the long term.

Some of these recent initiatives include:

  1. Improving public transit through the addition of new technology such as NextBus, a Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking satellite that provides bus arrival/departure information and real-time maps to passengers, and new bike racks with over 7000 individual uses this year.
  2. Implementing the Green Fleet Plan, launched in 2008, which will help reduce by 2016 the annual corporate fleet emissions by up to 2100 tonnes or 21.5% from 2005 baseline levels.
  3. Retrofitting of public buildings to create more energy efficient and appealing use of space, such as the recent renovation of City Hall.
  4. Installing a solar wall at the new Solid Waste & Recycling Facility which preheats the air entering the building and reduces natural gas usage.  
  5. Constructing a methane gas capture system with Thunder Bay Hydro and building a hydro generation plant which is expected to generate three MW of energy by the summer of 2010.
  6. Constructing a Co-Generation plant at the Thunder Bay Atlantic Ave. Water Pollution Control Plant that will generate ½ MW of energy by Feb. 2010.

While the City is busy making headway within its own operations, it is also an active partner in the community, helping to accomplish the goals of the EarthWise Plan through initiatives such as the Net Zero Guide, targeted at assisting small-medium local businesses reduce their footprints, and hosting educational events such as climate change speaker David Noble’s recent presentation. 

Municipalities across Canada are offering practical, affordable ways to get Canada’s climate change strategy on track, and Thunder Bay is an active contributor in this new paradigm.

View the FCM news release and report from the main page of the FCM website at

Find out more about Thunder Bay’s Community Environmental Action Plan at:

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Contact:  Councillor Linda Rydholm, Director - National Board, FCM, 577-9260

               Sarah Kerton, Community Environmental Action Plan Coordinator, 625-2411