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City Celebrates First Dedicated Bike Lanes

May 27, 2010 – The City of Thunder Bay proudly celebrated the official Grand Opening the City’s first dedicated bike lanes today. The 5 km bike lane along Court Street from Fort William Road to Boulevard Lake is the initial step in the Active Transportation Plan designed to promote bicycle commuter routes and recreational trail plans for the City. 

“Our new bike lanes will contribute to the quality of life for the community and improve the health of residents,” said Mayor Lynn Peterson. “We know that Thunder Bay has a strong and growing community of cyclists.  If the popularity of the bike racks on transit buses is any indication, people in Thunder Bay want to use bikes to get around.”

These first dedicated bike lanes mark the launching of the Active Transportation Plan. The goal of the Plan is to create a safe and convenient off and on-road transportation network that integrates existing and planned roads, sidewalks and proposed bike routes with the recreational trails.

“One key component of the project is education,” said Pat Mauro, Manager of Engineering. “Shared lanes and dedicated bike lanes are new to Thunder Bay cyclists and drivers and we need to understand how the lanes work. The same rules of the road apply to drivers and cyclists. Watch for the new pavement markings indicating bike lanes and drive with care. This Saturday, there will be an ‘I ♥ Bike Lanes Celebration’ on Bay Street from Secord to Algoma from 10 am to 4 pm. Active Transportation Committee Members and volunteers with information on safe use of the new lanes will be on hand.”

The City will continue to move the Active Transportation Plan forward this year with additional dedicated bike lanes on Syndicate Avenue and Walsh Street. There will also be new shared lanes established on Fassina Street and John Street for a total of 10 km of new lanes in 2010.

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Contact:   Pat Mauro, Manager – Engineering, 625-3022
                   Adam Krupper, Active Transportation Coordinator, 615-2163

Fact Sheet

First Dedicated Bike Lane Launches City’s Active Transportation Plan


• Active Transportation Plan launches today with the opening of Thunder Bay’s first bike lane running along both sides of Court Street from Fort William Road to Boulevard Lake 
• Active Transportation Plan includes the development of safe and convenient bicycle commuter routes along with recreational trail development
• Pavement markings for bike lanes consist of a white diamond symbol and bicycle stencil
• Bike lanes are designed for the exclusive use of cyclists
• Cyclists are traveling in the same direction as vehicle traffic
• Bike lanes are between 1.2 and 1.5 metres wide
• On roads with on-street parking, bike lanes run to the left of parked vehicles
• Pay special attention to parking signs – parking regulations have changed along some portions of roadway
• On roads with no parking, bike lanes run along the curb
• Bike lanes will be in place on Syndicate Avenue and Walsh Street this summer


Cyclists: must travel in the middle of the bike lane in the same direction as the traffic
• Watch for car doors opening in sections of road where parking is permitted
• Follow the same rules of the road as all other vehicles including obeying traffic signals and lights

Motorists: must not stand, park or drive in a bike lane
• Vehicles may cross over the bike lane when turning right into a driveway or onto a street
• Always check for bikes when crossing the lane or making turns at intersections


• Shared lanes are lanes which are shared by both vehicles and bicycles
• Shared lanes are used instead of bike lanes on roads where bike lanes are not possible because of insufficient
width of roadway or significant parking concerns
• These lanes are designed to provide visual cues for motorists and cyclists, allowing them to safely align themselves within a shared travel lane
• Shared lanes are wider than standard vehicles lanes
• Painted bike symbols and directional arrows remind cyclists where they should ride when sharing a lane with vehicles
• Shared lanes will also soon be established on Fassina Street and John Street


Cyclists: ride over the centre of the symbols as the markings are placed in the safest travel area of the roadway
• Travel in the same direction as traffic
• Follow the same rules of the road as other vehicles

Motorists: Drive carefully - remember that you are sharing the lane with bicycles
• When cyclists are not present, drive in the travel lane as you normally would
• When cyclists are present slow down and pass with care
• If traffic is heavy, be patient and wait for a safe time to pass the cyclists


• Human powered transportation is an important part of a healthy, vibrant community
• Thunder Bay will be integrating Active Transportation into urban design and planning
• When existing key roads are due for renewal, bike lane features will be added where possible to create safer, easier bike routes and promote active lifestyles

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Contact:   Pat Mauro, Manager – Engineering, 625-3022
                Adam Krupper, Active Transportation Coordinator, 615-2163