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City Employees Break $1 Million Mark for United Way!

December 4, 2008 – Employees of the City of Thunder Bay and Superior North EMS proudly pledged a total of $158,657.87 to the United Way today following the close of the 13th annual employee campaign. That's an increase of $25,864.36 over last year's total.  City employees have now donated over $1.1 million to the United Way through the employee campaign and special events.

"We are thrilled to have soared wll over the million dollar mark," said Carol Busch, City Treasurer and General Manager – Finance, Chair of the Municipal Division United Way Campaign. "We asked employees to go for the gold - and did they ever! Once again, employees have shown their compassion and generosity and achieved incredible results for the United Way. This is a milestone year for us. The Municipal Division is so proud of our accomplishments over the last 13 years."

At a special wrap-up celebration at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium today, City of Thunder fundraising event Co-Chairs presented a cheque for $125,571.67 (a 21% increase from last year ) and CJ Miller, Co-Chair from Superior North EMS, presented a cheque for $ 33,086.20 (a 14% increase) to 2008 United Way Campaign Matthew Oliphant.

"I sincerely thank my fellow employees from the City and Superior North EMS for once again demonstrating their care and compassion through their unbelievable support for the United Way," said Ms. Busch. "Their efforts epitomize the helping hand of the United Way. Many lives in Thunder Bay will be touched as a result of their generous support. I would also like to thank TBayTel for 13 years of corporate sponsorship; their support has directly contributed to the success of the campaign."

Employees contribute through payroll deduction, donations, Dress Down/Different Days and events including a Kickoff Luncheon that attracted over 300 employees, a Spaghetti Dinner & Auction, Thunder Bay Transit's "Santa Bus", a Pink Pajama Party, the Mayor's Mulligan Golf Tournament and departmental initiatives.

The campaign was organized by more than 200 volunteers with support from many others. Nearly 1,000 employees within the two organizations contributed to the United Way through payroll deduction or by cash contribution.

The City and Superior North EMS also supports the United Way Sponsored Employees program, said Ms. Busch.  "I would like to acknowledge and recognize CJ Miller, sponsored employee from Superior North EMS, for providing his skills and energy to assist the city-wide United Way campaign."

The City of Thunder Bay and Superior North EMS Campaign team also wishes to acknowledge and thank the tremendous staff of the United Way for their ongoing support and assistance.


Contact:  Carol Busch, City Treasurer and General Manager - Finance, 625-2242