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City Hall Transit Facilities Open April 7

April 1, 2010 – The final day of operations at the Brodie Street Transit Terminal is Tuesday, April 6. The South Core terminal will close permanently at the end of the day on Tuesday, and the temporary on-street terminal at City Hall will be operational on Wednesday, April 7.

Plans are underway to commence operations around City Hall, using Donald, Brodie and May Streets including the following:

Parking meters on the City Hall side of Donald Street, May Street and Brodie Street are being removed until further notice with the exception of accessible parking spaces at City Hall which will be moved to the corner of Donald and Brodie Streets in front of City Hall. Metered parking remains available on the opposite sides of Brodie Street, Donald Street and on the south end of May Street.

Laneway Impact
The laneway parallel to Donald Street behind City Hall will not be impacted by this move. It will remain a fire route and be accessible. At specific times of the day, the #8 James bus will stop at the west entrance of the laneway, but will not interfere with the ongoing use of the laneway.

Site Security
Transit Terminal attendants will be on-site to assist passengers during the initial transition period. Security for operators, passengers and pedestrians will be maintained with additional security during Transit service hours.
Thunder Bay Transit uses off-duty Police Officers for security at the current Brodie Terminal and the Water Street Terminal; this will continue at the City Hall site. Officers are on duty during peak hours in the evenings, seven days a week.

Pedestrian Amenities
Three bus shelters will be provided for passengers at the City Hall site - one on Donald Street near the corner of Brodie Street, and one each on Brodie and May Street beside the existing sidewalks. Garbage receptacles will be provided in front of City Hall and daily clean-up of the site will be provided by staff.

Staff are stationed at the Brodie Street and Water Street terminals starting today to allow citizens the opportunity to ask questions about the new interim site before it opens. Staff will be stationed at the City Hall site starting April 7 for a period of time to assist passengers with the transition. Maps of the change in routes will be available on the Transit webpage of the City of Thunder Bay website by April 7 at

The City Hall location was selected as an interim solution while Administration explores infrastructure improvements at North Street and vicinity. Comment or feedback can be provided by email to or by calling 684-2188. A system-wide route and operational review of the Transit system will be conducted in 2010 to determine a permanent solution.

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Contact: Brad Loroff - Manager, Thunder Bay Transit, 684-2187