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City Government

City Restructuring to Help Achieve Strategic Goals

September 26, 2011 – The City of Thunder Bay is changing its corporate structure to streamline the organization and help the City accomplish goals set out in the Strategic Plan. These changes will balance the work of the City Manager and General Managers while better preparing the City for succession planning.

Following are the key changes to take effect Oct. 3:

  • Implement a corporate management structure that is more strategically focused. As indicated in Appendix A (attached), the corporate structure now represents five distinct functional departments combined with four strategic corporate support functions all reporting to the City Manager.
  • The General Manager – Community Services will become General Manager – Community & Emergency Services. The Fire Rescue Service and Superior North Emergency Medical Services will report to the General Manager – Community & Emergency Services instead of the City Manager. The integrity of each of these vital emergency services will be maintained.
  • The General Manager – Transportation & Works will become General Manager – Infrastructure & Operations. The Parks Division, including all maintenance activities, will report to the General Manager – Infrastructure & Operations instead of the General Manager – Community Services. This change allows the City to better maintain major infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, sidewalks and parks.

The new structure was developed with the City’s Executive Management Team and presented to City Council by the City Manager. 

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Contact:      Tim Commisso, City Manager, 625-2224