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City Government

City Reveals Pieces of History

July 22, 2008 – The City of Thunder Bay revealed the contents of two time capsules at City Hall today.

"With City Hall renovations started, the City of Thunder Bay chose to retrieve the capsules and see what our forefathers might have thought was important at the time the capsules were sealed," said Mayor Lynn Peterson. "It is exciting to see what stories the contents might tell of our City's history."

The first of the two historic artifacts was originally placed in the Fort William City Hall in 1903 by the Council of that day. The capsule was later moved and placed inside the front wall of the current City Hall during construction in 1965 and 1966. At that time, additional artifacts were added to the capsule.

A smaller time capsule, placed in a base of a podium constructed in 1939 for King George's visit to the City was also opened today. The podium contained a letters regarding the 1939 visit and a poster and letters surrounding the 1972 visit to Thunder Bay by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

The contents of both time capsules will be on public display later this summer at a location to be announced.

The City of Thunder Bay will hold a contest, in partnership with the Thunder Bay Historical Museum, for suggestions of materials reflective of the last 42 years in our City to be sealed in a new time capsule later this year.


Contact: John Hannam, City Clerk, 625-2238


The time capsule removed from wall behind a plaque in the front entrance of City Hall contained the following items:

  • 1966-1967 Fort William Civic Recreation Committee signatures
  • Ontario Map
  • 1966 Greetings from City Hall Staff with signatures
  • Municipal Building Information – Fort William
  • 1892-1952 Fort William Diamond Jubilee booklet
  • Proposed City Hall specifications
  • Visitors Book to City Hall
  • Lakehead Telephone Book
  • Vinyl records of the Fort William Male Choir and the  20th Anniversary Selkirk High School Choir
  • Christmas Card
  • Municipal Manual
  • Pictures: Council of the day, Old City Hall, Opening Ceremonies of this City Hall
  • CJLX Radio audio news reel tape
  • Coins and stamps that were taken from the cornerstone of the old City Hall (replaced there in 1903) when it was torn down and replaced in the new City Hall in 1966
  • Book about the Lake Superior Regiment  "In the Face of Danger"
  • 1966 Tax Rates
  • 1965 City Treasurer's Report
  • 1965 Voters List
  • 1966 Henderson Directory
  • 1966 Eaton's Catalogue
  • City Treasurer's Report 1966
  • The Daily Times Journal with Northern Ontario Supplement
  • Planning Development Maps
  • 1901 City of Fort William Financial Statements
  • 1902 Voters List
  • 1894 Mining on the North Shore booklet
  • 1903 Fort William Newspaper
  • Industrial Review Journal
  • 1899 Trade Review