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Claim Forms Not Available Until Province Declares Disaster Area

June 6, 2012, 3:15 pm – Forms to make a claim on the Thunder Bay Disaster Fund will not be available until the Province declares Thunder Bay a disaster area and the Disaster Fund Committee is established.

“We’re asking residents without insurance or with inadequate coverage to prepare for the claim process so they will be ready when forms become available,” said City Manager Tim Commisso. “Affected residents who want to be ready should make lists, take photos of damaged property, keep a diary, and save receipts, invoices, estimates and generally document losses.”

An announcement will be made when those forms are available. Updated information about the Flood Emergency is available at or by calling 98 FLOOD.

The Disaster Relief Committee, comprised of volunteers, will be established by Council on Monday, June 11. The Committee will take in claims and, following guidelines, issue payouts to residents.

Donations are being accepted at the City’s Cashiers at the Victoriaville Civic Centre, 111 Syndicate Ave. S., and will be held in trust while the Fund is being established. Once the disaster is declared, these and all donations to the Fund will be matched two to one by the Province.

Residents Encouraged to Check On Neighbours

The Emergency Operations Control Group encourages residents to check on neighbours and community members in areas affected by the City Flood Emergency, Mayor Keith Hobbs said today.

“We are the City with a Giant Heart and our people have a history of rallying together to help one another,” said Mayor Hobbs. “We want everyone to check on their neighbours to make sure they are in good health, ask if they need help and encourage them to register with the Red Cross for clean-up assistance. We want to make sure that no one is left behind.”

There may be people who need more help than others in an emergency – help that can often be provided by neighbours. The EOC is asking residents to look in on people in their community who may need help, such as:

  • Older people living at home by themselves 
  • People who have disabilities 
  • Someone with a chronic illness or a mental illness 
  • Single parents with young children 
  • Large families 
  • People who have recently arrived to the area such as tourists, immigrants or refugees

Anyone affected by the flood is encouraged to register with The Canadian Red Cross by calling 98 FLOOD (983-5663) and selecting option 2.

Registration with the Red Cross

About 900 people have registered with The Canadian Red Cross.

Those currently left most vulnerable by the flooding events can receive extended relief through the Red Cross Registration and Assessment Centres. There are now three locations available to offer service. These Centres continue to be a successful strategy in meeting the community needs. Transportation options are available by calling 98 FLOOD [983-5663].

The Centre location and hours are:

  • St. Peter’s Church, 10 am – 8 pm
  • Moose Hall, 10 am – 8 pm [new hours today]
  • Confederation College McIntyre Building, 1 pm – 7 pm

The Canadian Red Cross is coordinating placing people in accommodations including Lakehead University, which is providing 160 beds and full meal service.  Currently, 27 townhomes at Lakehead University are in use by affected families.

Free Tetanus Clinic – June 7

During the flood cleanup, residents may get cuts or scrapes. Tetanus, or lock-jaw, is caused by germs in the soil that can infect these wounds. They can protect themselves against tetanus by getting immunized. A booster should be given every 10 years throughout adulthood to remain protected.

The Thunder Bay District Health Unit will hold a Free Tetanus Clinic on Thursday, June 7 from 4 pm to 7 pm at St. Peter’s Church. 615 Connolly Street. A health card is not required and no appointment is needed. Call 625-5971 for more information.

Thunder Bay Disaster Relief Fund

The City’s Disaster Fund can be established once the Province declares a disaster.

The application process is being developed for the City’s Disaster Fund. An announcement will be made when forms are available.

Affected residents without insurance or inadequate coverage can get ready to make a claim by documenting damages.

  • Prepare lists 
  • Take pictures of damaged property 
  • Keep a diary 
  • Maintain receipts, invoices and estimates.

Donations are being accepted at the City’s Cashiers at Victoriaville Civic Centre, 111 Syndicate Ave. S., and will be held in trust while the Fund is established. Once the disaster is declared, these and all donations to this fund will be matched two to one by the Province.

Clean-up Program

About 460 homeowners have registered for clean-up assistance as of today through the volunteer clean-up program with the Construction Association of Thunder Bay, the City, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue Service and the Mennonite Disaster Team. The focus of the ongoing clean-up is on making homes safe and to address health issues.

Affected residents, especially those with no insurance, who need help with clean-up are asked to call 98 FLOOD [983-5663].

Plant Update

Progress is being made at the Atlantic Avenue Water Pollution Control Plant.

“The motor for the second pump has been reinstalled and is set to be commissioned today at 10:30 am,” said Darrell Matson, General Manager – Infrastructure & Operations. “We are working steadily to increase capacity.”

The City requests that residents and businesses across the City continue to minimize the amount of water being flushed or sent down drains in order to reduce the strain on the plant.

Facilities Update

The 55 Plus Centres and West Thunder Community Centre are open as of today and will continue to conserve water. The Canada Games Complex, Churchill Pool and Volunteer Pool remain closed until further notice.

Roads and Trail Repairs

The City has re-opened all roads and trails, while a few trails undergo repair. Work on damaged sections of the following recreational trails began at 7 am Tuesday morning. Below are suggested alternate routes.

  • Trail beside the McIntyre River at the Harbour Expressway between Confederation College and Riverside Drive.
    Suggested Detour: Golf Links Road between Central Ave. and Atikokan Drive into the College. 
  • The Neebing McIntyre Floodway trail on the east side of the Balmoral Street Bridge.
    Suggested Detour: William Street between Balmoral and Russell.

Clean Up Tips from Thunder Bay District Health Unit

Residents should:

  • Keep children and pets away from flood water and sewage. Avoid contact with sewage as much as possible. 
  • Be sure flood water has been pumped out of affected area before cleaning up. 
  • Wear rubber gloves, rubber boots and goggles during cleanup for personal protection. 
  • Remove contaminated items for garbage pick up that cannot be washed and disinfected (such as drywall, insulation, mattresses, carpeting, carpet padding, rugs, upholstered furniture, cosmetics, stuffed animals, baby toys, pillows, books, etc.). 
  • Clean all hard surfaces (floors, concrete, wood, metal) with hot water and detergent. 
  • Disinfect surfaces with bleach and water solution: one cup of household bleach to a bucket of water. 
  • Dry out flood-affected surfaces with fans and dehumidifiers to prevent mould. 
  • Look after themselves by washing hands after clean up, prior to eating, etc. The Health Unit and the City encourage those doing flood clean up to use soap and water for hand cleaning.

Food and Water [revised today]

A Salvation Army van will provide lunch and dinner daily at the following locations and times:

  • 10:15 am to 11 am and 4:15 pm to 5 pm – Moose Hall 
  • 11:15 am and 5:15 pm – travelling McIntosh to McNaughton (St. Peter’s Church) 
  • 11:45 am to 1:45 pm, 5:45 pm to 7:45 pm – St. Peter’s Church

Waste Collection

To assist residents and business affected by the flood, the City of Thunder Bay is also offering:

  • no limit on number of bags for garbage collection until further notice 
  • special, free of charge large rubbish collection is available by calling 625-2195 for service [also available Saturday and Sunday] 
  • Solid Waste and Recycling Facility on Mapleward Road open seven days a week, including from 8 am to 4:30 pm on Sunday.

Key Contact Numbers

  • City contact for offers of assistance and requests for help – 98 FLOOD [983-5663] or 
  • For more information visit
  • Thunder Bay Hydro – 343-1111 or after hours 343-1002 – for electrical problems or concerns
  • Infrastructure & Operations – 625-2195 – to report flooding or for questions or concerns about City roads and other City infrastructure
  • Insurance Bureau of Canada – 1-800-387-2880  ext. 4700 – for information about insurance policies, Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm
  • CAM Clothing Assistance for low or no cost clothing, linens and some furniture – 474-3583
  • Ministry of Transportation – 511 – for information about provincially-owned highways
  • 211 for all community programs and services
  • 911 should only be called if there is an emergency

Further emergency updates will be issued following daily EOC meetings and as required.


Contact: Brandon Walker, Communications Officer, 625-2438