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Clean, Green & Beautiful Awards Announced Tonight

November 28, 2011 – The Mary J.L Black Branch Library, Isabella Retirement Living and the McIntyre Building at Confederation College each received Clean, Green & Beautiful Awards tonight during Council’s Committee of the Whole meeting.

The Clean, Green & Beautiful Committee presents the annual awards to celebrate organizations and businesses whose building and renovation projects enrich the life of the community through public art, beautification, heritage and environmental greening.

The Mary J.L. Black Branch Library received a Diamond Award for its inspiring design and incorporation of public art. Isabella Retirement Living received a Gold Award for its focus on heritage, along with other Clean, Green & Beautiful elements. The McIntyre Building addition at Confederation College received a Gold Award for the renovation project which includes a Living Wall. 

Diamond Award – Mary J.L. Black Branch Library: New and restored public art as well as a focus on energy and environmental design elevated the Mary J.L. Black Branch Library to the Diamond level. The Thunder Bay Public Library facility which opened in May was designed by Chamberlain Architect Services Ltd., managed by SNC Lavalin and built by Aurora Construction.

Highlights include:

  • Artist Karen Kazmer’s Cascade lighting feature hangs above the fireplace to inspire creativity.
  • Ruby Owen’s restored Thunderbird mosaic added to the Library’s entrance.
  • Candidate for LEED Gold certification due to energy and environmental design.
  • Low-flow water features.
  • Bike racks and designated carpool spaces in the parking lot.
  • Lights automatically dim when there is enough natural light to see.
  • Occupancy sensors only turn on lights in offices and meeting rooms when someone is there.
  • Biological diversity was protected during the build.
  • 337 tonnes of asphalt was recycled during construction.

Gold Award – Isabella Retirement Living: A sense of history was maintained in the design and construction of this facility which opened in July. Designed by FORM Architecture and built by Gateway Contractors, Isabella Retirement Living is located where the Isabella Street School used to be. The facility was designed to fit into the neighbourhood by matching the look of surrounding homes and buildings. Cuthbertson Engineering, AG Engineering and Werner Schwar Landscape Architect also made significant contributions to the project. Isabella Retirement Living is owned by Quality Retirement Living.

Highlights include:

  • The Isabella Street School’s 103-year-old foundation stones were incorporated into the Isabella Retirement Living gardens.
  • Red brick similar to Isabella Street School’s.
  • Entrance canopy is a replica of the School’s entrance.
  • Several street trees, plants and shrubs were added to the landscape design.
  • Outdoor patios contain flowers, and new trees were planted on the boulevards.
  • Plugs in the parking lot conserve energy by only turning on every 20 minutes when it’s colder than -20 C.
  • Employees remove recycling from seniors’ suites during weekly housekeeping visits.

Gold Award – McIntyre Building, Confederation College: A Living Wall is just one of the many Clean, Green & Beautiful features incorporated into the McIntyre Building addition and renovation at Confederation College, which opened in September of last year. Plants grow within the wall to improve air quality and reduce the greenhouse gas effect. Air is drawn into the plants where it is cleaned, humidified and returned to the environment through the building’s ventilation system.

The addition was designed by FORM Architecture and built by Gateway Contractors. Cuthbertson Engineering, AG Engineering and Werner Schwar Landscape Architect also made significant contributions to the project.

Highlights include:

  • A beautiful new Student Lounge with outdoor bench.
  • Energy efficient lighting.
  • Improved streetscape with transit and cycling amenities.
  • Accessible design throughout the building.
  • Improved building signage for better way-finding.
  • Exterior space landscaped to create unity with other College buildings.
  • Upgraded ventilation and control systems.

Visit for more information about the Clean, Green & Beautiful Awards.
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Contact:   Rebecca Johnson, Chair – Clean, Green & Beautiful Committee, 577-2807  
                 Karen Lewis, Director – Corporate Communications & Strategic Initiatives, 625-3859