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Complex Receives Donation Valued at $143,000

January 30, 2009 – During the recent Canada Games Complex maintenance shutdown the pool deck, locker room floors and all shower room floors (total area of 126,000 sq. ft), were treated with a slip-resistant product that has greatly enhanced the safety of all patrons. This Service, valued at $143,000, was provided by Safegard Products from Hamilton, Ontario, as a charitable donation to the City of Thunder Bay.

“With the ever increasing need to provide enhanced safety and security for the public, especially in recreational areas, I was pleased to donate the Safegard Process to Thunder Bay’s Canada Games Complex and other City Community Aquatic Facilities,” said Garry Beach, President – Safegard Products.

The process is also being applied to the tiled areas of Volunteer Pool and Sir Winston Churchill Pool.

Slippery floors are a definite concern at facilities like the Canada Games Complex. Wet shower and locker room floors and the pool deck are environments prone to slipping.  “We promote walking, no running on the pool deck and suggest wearing shower sandals in the locker rooms,” says Hartmut Rosenfeld, Facility Manager – Canada Games Complex. “However, slips do happen and anything we can do to make the Complex a safer environment for our patrons to enjoy is positive. We are very grateful to Safeguard Products for their generous donation.”

Safegard is not a paint or coating, but rather a controlled chemical reaction which, when applied, actually changes the walking or standing surface. After treatment, the area has thousands of micro discs or dishes in it permanently. Each one acts as a suction cup increasing traction. The wetter the surface the better it works. The traction is guaranteed to remain effective for 10 years.

The significant donation made by Garry Beach of Safegard Products is very much appreciated by all Complex patrons and staff and the City of Thunder Bay. ‘Safegarding’ the Canada Games Complex is part of what will make the facility a safe and enjoyable place to visit for many years to come.

Safeguard Products is an international company that has been ‘safegarding’ wet and slippery surfaces for over 30 years.


Contact: Hartmut Rosenfeld, Facility Manager – Canada Games Complex, 684 – 3321,