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Council Reviews Final Works for Completion of Phase 1

March 20, 2013 – On Monday, City Council will receive a Phase 1 update report of Prince Arthur’s Landing that will contain recommendations regarding the previously budgeted works that are to be finished after the completion of the private development as well as required aquatic habitat works.

These works will include final landscaping, streetscaping and road improvements on the City-owned property next to the private development currently under construction, as well as the creation of the market square area in front of the CN Station.  Also being recommended is an aquatic habitat compensation project where timelines are being accelerated in order to minimize costs to the City.

Aquatic habitat compensation is a standard practice for large in-water capital projects, and is a requirement of the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO). It includes dredging the Habitat Pond next to the Tug Boat Basin to create a deeper pond, plantings and culvert replacement to allow lake water to enter the pond to improve in-water species migration. The net cost to the City for this work is $200,000. This project is eligible for matching Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) funding of $200,000 and needs to be completed by December 2013.

An adjustment is also being recommended to the total approved gross budget for Phase 1 of Prince Arthur’s Landing of $453,985 or 0.8% over the previously approved 2011 budget. The 0.8% variance relates primarily to contract settlements negotiated by the City to avoid delays and allow the City to receive the full $29.3 million available from the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund.

“Given the City had only 28 months to complete this $58 million transformational project and make full use of the $36.5 million in Federal and Provincial funding, a variance of less than one per cent is a successful outcome on a project of this size and complexity,” said Greg Alexander, General Manager – Community & Emergency Services.
The City’s contribution to the Habitat Pond and the project variance is to be funded through the City’s Land Development Reserve Account if approved by Council.

Prince Arthur’s Landing at Marina Park has attracted tens of thousands of residents and visitors since the re-opening in December 2011. The project has also received 11 International, national and provincial design and urban planning excellence awards to date.

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Contact: Greg Alexander, General Manager – Community & Emergency Services, 625-3320