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Dates Revised for Spring Leaf & Yard Waste Curbside Collection

April 23, 2013 – Leaf & Yard Waste Curbside Collection dates for Spring 2013 have been pushed forward several weeks due to the continuing snowy, cold weather. Collection will now take place between Tuesday, May 21 and Friday, May 31, on the regular recycling day indicated in residents’ 2013 Garbage & Recycling Collection Schedules. Leaf and yard waste collection, was scheduled for early May as indicated on residents’ Waste Collection Calendars with a leaf symbol.

Homeowners may use Kraft (paper bags) or clear plastic bags for garden waste. Paper bags are the preferred option as they can be placed directly into the compost and become compost too. Kraft bags are available at most hardware and grocery stores. 
There is no bag limit on leaf and yard waste but bags can weigh no more than 18 kg or 40 lbs. Place garden waste at the curb with recyclables on your regular recycling day, as indicated on your waste collection calendar. Look for the leaf symbol on your calendar. Grass clippings will not be accepted. Branches and twigs should be bundled in lengths no longer than one metre (three feet). 
Leaf and yard waste collected at the curb is added to the compost pile at the City of Thunder Bay Solid Waste and Recycling Facility. The result is a rich soil additive for flower gardens and lawns to beautify Thunder Bay. As a bonus, putting your leaf and yard waste out for this special collection helps extend the life of our landfill site.
Questions about collection may be directed to Infrastructure & Operations Dispatch at 625-2195.

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Contact: Brad Adams, Manager – Roads, 684-2408