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Death of Moose at Chippewa Wildlife Exhibit Under Investigation

August 27, 2013 – The City is investigating the unexpected death of the moose at Thunder Bay’s Chippewa Wildlife Exhibit.

The seven-year-old bull moose died overnight Monday. It was discovered by staff early Tuesday morning. A veterinarian conducted post-mortem examination of the moose on Tuesday, but final results are not yet available.

“We are very sad over the death of this beautiful animal,” said Darrell Matson, General Manager – Infrastructure and Operations. “This moose has been a fixture at the Chippewa Wildlife Exhibit for nearly seven years. It was initially brought to our facility by the Ministry of Natural Resources in May 2006, when the moose was about two weeks old. It had been orphaned after its mother had been unfortunately struck and killed by a motor vehicle. Our staff has been providing excellent care for the moose ever since.”

More information will be released to the public as soon as it becomes available.

The moose had received ongoing vet care as required. Earlier this summer, a veterinarian determined the moose had worms, a common condition among moose and caribou in captivity. As a result, its diet was augmented in order to treat the condition.

The moose was given ample food and water, and was kept cool via shelter and a sprinkler system during the summer.

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Contact:     Darrell Matson, General Manager – Infrastructure and Operations, 625-2137