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City Government

Fact Sheet: 2011 Tax-Supported Budget Highlights

Following are highlights of Administration’s recommendation to Committee of the Whole in Report 2011.014 (Finance) – 2011 Tax-Supported Capital and Operating Budget:

  • Net growth in assessment during 2010 was $42.6 million representing an increase in the City’s assessment base of 0.64%.
  • Taxation revenue generated in 2011 from growth will be $604,000.  The outcome is a tax rate which will be 0.4% lower than would have been required without growth.
  • Proposed budget would result in a municipal tax rate decrease of 0.26%.
  • As a result of the reassessment phase-in, the average home will increase in value from $124,457 in 2010 to $126,793 in 2011.  This represents an average increase of 1.88%.  The budget, as proposed, will result in property taxes of $2,502 for the average residential property in 2011 representing an increase of $40 or 1.64% compared to 2010.
  • Proposed net City operations budget of $186.2 million is down $1.9 million or (1.0) per cent from 2010.
  • Proposed for 2011 is a new Enhanced Infrastructure Renewal Program of $1.5 million. In 2011, the proposed projects include an enhanced City roads resurfacing/reconstruction program in the amount of $1 million and $0.5 million for relocation of hydro utilities in the Golf Links Road/Junot Avenue Corridor.
  • Proposed tax levy of $149.5 million is an increase of 2.24 per cent over 2010. [The tax levy represents the total amount of dollars that needs to be raised from property tax payers to fund city services and contribute to capital infrastructure programs.]
  • The 2011 budget reflects investments in our Infrastructure through the $33.3 million gross tax-supported Capital Budget. Major Capital Projects include:
    • Roads and roads related projects - $10.1 million
    • Fleet and Equipment Replacement  - $5.6 million
    • Renewal of Municipal Facilities - $1.8 million
  • Total Capital funding towards City and Outside Board Capital projects, including the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority and the Enhanced Infrastructure Renewal Program, is proposed to increase by $2.8 million or 23.9%.


Contact:  Tim Commisso, City Manager, 625-2224
               Carol Busch, General Manager – Finance & Corporate Services and City Treasurer, 625-2242