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First Public Art Component Awarded at Prince Arthur’s Landing

October 12, 2010 – As part the Public Art Program at Prince Arthur’s Landing, local artists were invited through a Call to Artists, to submit proposals for original artwork to be incorporated into the glass panels on the Lanterns at Pier 2 Picnic Docks. The guiding theme for the Lanterns artwork was to “Animate the Journey to the End of the Pier”.

The three lantern structures are constructed of cedar and will feature images of original artwork between architectural glass panels that will glow during the day from southern light and will be illuminated at night by a small interior lamp.

The artwork of Thunder Bay artist Mark Nisenholt was selected for the three Lanterns. The images titled, Ulysses, Swimmers and PaleoGirls are original digital images that were created by Nisenholt specifically for the installation site. The images depict 'giant' figures interacting with the water. Nisenholt describes how the images:   

Playfully explore the theme of Man’s relationship to the Water and to Nature in general. The images are meant to elicit feelings and thoughts that are compatible with the vast spaces and contemplative state of mind that the lake shore embodies.

PaleoGirls is meant to refer to ancient sources and associations which tend to meld land-forms with human forms.

Swimmers takes a more futuristic point of view in which human beings are less material and more malleable.

The City of Thunder Bay is presently undertaking a series of initiatives that will assist in the revitalization of the shoreline along Lake Superior, including the redevelopment of the Marina Park as a mixed-use village with expanded park areas and activities.

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Contact: Andrea Normand, Waterfront Public Art Coordinator, 625-2668