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City Government

Former Hotel To Be Demolished

June 27, 2013 – The City of Thunder Bay has secured the area around the former Empire Hotel on Simpson Street after a section of the building’s south wall collapsed.

The collapse occurred Tuesday evening. There were no injuries. The area around the building has been cordoned off, and a security guard posted 24-hours-a-day to ensure no members of the public enter into an unsafe location. There is still concern that a further collapse may take place.

An emergency order has been issued, allowing the City itself to take action to rapidly address the safety issues presented by the building. The City will be seeking to have the building demolished. That could begin as early as this weekend.

“Public safety is paramount,” said Des Stolz, Chief Building Official. “This is an aging building that is currently presenting a number of serious public safety issues, and the City has a responsibility to ensure members of the public are not put at risk.”

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Contact: Des Stolz, Chief Building Official – 626-4314