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Heat Safe: Information Available to Avoid Further Problems

September 28, 2012 - With the heating season approaching, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue wishes to advise Flood victims, and all citizens, that if you are waiting  for installation of a new furnace, to be careful with your choices of alternate heating sources.

Please use CSA approved heaters for temporary purposes and to keep the heaters clear of all combustibles. Cooking appliances must not be used to provide home heating.

“Our main concern is the safety of our citizens,” said Chief John Hay. “Flood victims have been through enough already. We don’t want to see anyone suffer further because of unsafe heating practices.”

If you are awaiting a new furnace and have concerns, please call 211 and an Assessment Team will visit your residence to help. Insured and uninsured residents can access the Assessment Teams.

Assessment Teams are comprised of a Thunder Bay Fire Rescue Fire Inspector, the Red Cross, and representatives through the City of Thunder Bay Facilities & Fleet Department and are available for your assistance.

Landlords are reminded that, insured or uninsured, you have a responsibility to provide the necessities to your tenants, including safe heat.

For more information or to request an Assessment Team to help you call 211.


Contact: John Hay, Fire Chief, 625-2101