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Loonie Days for Disaster Relief

August 30, 2012 – The Disaster Relief Committee will be busy over the weekend collecting donations for those trying to recover from the flood on May 28.

From Friday, Aug. 31 to Sunday, Sept. 2 local businesses will be asking customers to donate to the Thunder Bay and Area Disaster Relief Fund. Funds raised will be matched up to two by the Province of Ontario - $1 becomes $3.

“We are thrilled that so many merchants have agreed to participate in this weekend’s fundraiser,” said Wayne Fletcher, Chair of the Disaster Relief Committee. “Every dollar will make an impact on what is raised to assist our neighbours who are still recovering from the devastation they suffered as a result of the flood.”

The following local businesses will be accepting your loonies through the long weekend:

  • All Metro Grocery Stores 
  • Both Quality Market Grocery Stores
  • Westfort Foods
  • Skaf’s Just Basics
  • George’s Market
  • Roots Canada
  • Chatters Salon and Beauty Supplies
  • Both Hallmark Stores
  • Superstore
  • Walmart
  • Old Navy

Old Navy will be offering a discount to customers who donate to the Disaster Relief Fund.

Volunteers will be collecting donations at the Walmart location. Walmart has committed to match donations up to $2000.

The Disaster Relief Committee is committed to Restoring Our Neighbours. There are thousands of affected homeowners and businesses across the City who are still recovering. It is estimated that $15 to $20 million will be required to help those who are either without insurance or are under-insured.

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Contact: Kari Chiappetta, Program Manager – Disaster Relief Fund, 625-2607