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City Government

Make Fire Safety Part of Camp Opening Ritual

May 14, 2013 - Thunder Bay Fire Rescue reminds all campers to protect their families and guests from fire and carbon monoxide.

Fire Chief John Hay reminds residents that “Fire safety is just as important at camp as it is at home.” Chief Hay recommends following these steps when opening up camp for the season:

  • Prepare and practice a fire escape plan for your camp or cottage.
  • Check the age of all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms. Replace smoke alarms over 10-years-old and carbon monoxide alarms over 7-years-old.
  • Install fresh batteries in all alarms, especially those in camps that were closed down for the winter as cold temperatures drain battery power.
  • Camps or cottages with fireplaces, or fuel burning appliances of any kind, should have a carbon monoxide alarm.

The same Ontario law that requires all homes to have working smoke alarms on every level and outside all sleeping areas also applies to camps and cottages. “Tragedy can strike quickly if your early warning systems like smoke alarms and CO alarms are not in place or functioning properly,” added Chief Hay.


Contact: Public Education Officer Anthony Stokaluk, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue, 625-2802 or 631-7033