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Mayor Responds to Proclamation Request Denial

Aug. 14, 2013 – Mayor Keith Hobbs is responding with concern to community members who are understandably upset regarding the denial of a request to proclaim September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. 

Mayor Hobbs has received multiple messages of disappointment from local families who have been affected by childhood cancer following notification that a recent proclamation request was denied by the Office of the City Clerk.

“The Mayor and Council were not aware that the request to proclaim September as the Childhood Cancer Awareness month had been submitted and consequently declined by the Office of the City Clerk,” said Mayor Keith Hobbs. “It is extremely disheartening to receive the kinds of messages I got today, as I have always been a huge supporter of the Canadian Cancer Society, Camp Quality, Prostate Cancer, and Cops for Cancer to name a few. This is something I will be looking into.

“I have always had an open-door policy and continually reach out to, and get out in, the community, it is unfortunate that community members didn’t come to me with this before launching into angry social media and text message activity; however I can understand how devastating this news would be for families already dealing with the challenges of childhood cancer.”

The City of Thunder Bay’s current Proclamation Policy states “It is the City’s policy to issue proclamations for matters of important City business only to inform residents of events that are in the public interest.” The Office of the City Clerk is authorized to have official proclamations published and/or distributed.

The Mayor will encourage City Council to review the Policy and customer service standards and make necessary changes to be able to recognize important proclamations like Childhood Cancer Awareness, along with all other federally- and provincially-recognized health care associated proclamations.

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Contact: Mayor Keith Hobbs, 625-3601 or 630-2010