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City Government

New Courthouse will Revitalize City’s South Core

February 2, 2009 – After more than three years of work to support and invest in a downtown South Core location for a new courthouse, the City of Thunder Bay is elated at today’s announcement by the Province that the Consolidated Courthouse will be located between Brodie and Archibald Streets, south of Miles Street.

“We are thrilled that the Province has selected this South Core location in keeping with Council’s vision and strategic plan,” said Mayor Lynn Peterson. “This new courthouse will be an anchor for revitalization and have many positive impacts including increased activity, more shopping and enhanced use of services in the area. We want to thank the Province of Ontario for working with the City of Thunder Bay to realize the full benefits of this development for our citizens.”

Following are key numbers related to the City’s involvement and spinoff benefits:

  • The City invested about $1.9 million assembling land required to accommodate the Courthouse. The Province will be responsible for demolition costs associated with the redevelopment of the site.
  • A further $1.6 million to relocate the Transit Terminal will be funded from senior orders of government through gas tax revenues, which have been set aside in a reserve fund for this purpose.  It is worthy of note that significant renovations to the transit terminal were required in any event.
  • It is anticipated that Building Permit Revenue resulting from the construction will be in the order of $750,000.
  • Anticipated property taxes (or payments in lieu of taxes) resulting from the construction will be in the order of $1.6 million annually.
  • The Province will provide up-to-date information on the anticipated cost of construction and the number of people who will be employed and visiting at the courthouse.
  • The positive impacts on the downtown area will be considerable including increased activity, more shopping, use of services, and general revitalization.

A Traffic and Parking Study will be undertaken, which will include public consultation with special emphasis on affected businesses and residents.

When the Province announced in 2005 its intention to build a new Consolidated Courthouse in Thunder Bay, City Council passed a resolution indicating its preferred location was in the South Core.

For more than three years, City Council and Administration have been corresponding regularly and meeting with the Province to provide input into the location of the new Consolidated Courthouse.

Studies have shown structures such as the Consolidated Courthouse provide an excellent opportunity to revitalize once vibrant parts of communities – an “anchor for revitalization.”

The City of Thunder Bay’s Renewal Plan identifies opportunities to enhance and grow our downtown cores - including the downtown South Core as the business district and downtown North Core as the entertainment district. The downtown South Sore location of the courthouse is crucial to advance the development strategies designed to grow the City and its economy.


Contacts:  Mayor Lynn Peterson, 625-3601
Planning: Mark Smith, General Manager – Development Services, 625-2544
Transit & Parking: Darrell Matson, General Manager – Transportation & Works, 625-3077