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Noise & Air Quality Testing at City Hall Terminal

June 25, 2010 – Noise and air quality testing will be conducted at the City Hall Transit Terminal over the next couple of weeks as part of the temporary South Core Terminal planning that is underway.

The measurements will be taken on various days between June 27 and July 6 through the use of monitoring equipment that will be placed within the area and will be part of the evaluation process used to identify any net increase in actual noise and air quality impacts on the surrounding area resulting from the presence of the temporary terminal. 

“City Hall is the best site we have right now to collect  real-time information from a functioning hub,” said Brad Loroff, Manager – Transit, adding that the results will provide baseline data that will assist in determining the net effect in noise and air quality impacts resulting from the presence of a  transit terminal at a given location within the City. “This information will also be utilized as part of the Transit Master Plan study that is looking at future options including a possible consolidated terminal.”

A report on the temporary South Core Terminal will be presented to City Council on July 19.

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Contact:  Brad Loroff, Manager – Thunder Bay Transit, 684-2187