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North Neebing Community Centre Makes Way for Fire Rescue

Event date: Wednesday, May 08, 2013, from 2:53 PM to 2:53 PM

May 8, 2013 – As of May 10, all indoor programming at the North Neebing Community Centre will be relocated to other centres in the area, mainly West Arthur and Vickers Heights,  to accommodate the City’s Neebing  Station Fire Rescue operations over the summer.

Neebing Fire Station operations located on 20th Side Road will be temporarily moving into the North Neebing Community Centre on Roslyn Road, just one block away to permit the replacement of the Neebing Fire Station facility.  The current facility is out- dated and requires demolition prior to new construction.  The Fire Station is expecting to be moved into the Community Centre by the end of June. Until then, operations will continue as normal at the existing Station.

The construction of two new Fire Halls, Neebing and Westfort, is part of the 2012-2016 Strategic Master Fire Plan approved by City Council. These Plan initiatives aim to improve response times and coverage of the areas and are also required to replace the existing facilities which no longer meet modern fire stations requirements including, truck bay sizes.

“This is a great example of team work to improve emergency service,” said Neebing Ward Councillor Linda Rydholm. “We appreciate everyone's efforts to make this happen. By next year, we will have a fully-modernized Fire Rescue facility to serve the Neebing Ward residents.”

“We are excited to be nearing construction of the new fire halls,” said Deputy Fire Chief Greg Hankkio. “Thunder Bay Fire Rescue is grateful to the North Neebing Community Centre and its users for accommodating us and allowing us to take over their space until we are able to move into the new station. This temporary move allows us to rebuild without negatively impacting the service to the area.”

The North Neebing Community Centre is located at 2065 Roslyn Side Rd. Demolition of the current Neebing Station and site preparation to begin construction on the existing site is expected to begin in early summer. The new station is expected to open Spring 2014.

It is anticipated that outdoor Community Centre programming and amenities will still be available to users.


Contact:  Deputy Fire Chief Greg Hankkio, 625-2102, cell 621-7570 or