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Ontario’s First Energy Conservation Week

May 23, 2008 - Thunder Bay is proud to participate in Ontario's first Energy Conservation Week May 25- 31, spearheaded by the Ontario Power Authority. The week has been officially proclaimed by Thunder Bay's City Council and citizens are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities, both at home and at work.   

"The activities help to raise awareness about energy conservation and could easily be incorporated into peoples' daily lives throughout the year," said Derek Tessier, Water and Energy Conservation Specialist for EcoSuperior, which partnered with EarthWise and the City of Thunder Bay to promote this initiative. "Adapting energy conservation practices now will make it easier to adjust to the needs of the future."

The City of Thunder Bay is committed to energy conservation across the corporation and has been working to reduce consumption. "Energy conservation is something we take very seriously at the City," said Alan Fydirchuk, General Manager of Facilities and Fleet. "Not only does it mean environmental gains, it is fiscally responsible."

Further to the success of other events such as Earth Hour, Ontario's first Energy Conservation Week challenges Ontario power-users to embrace conservation in their day-to-day lives - both at home and at work.  Selected activities for Thunder Bay homes and workplaces include:

  • T-Shirt (or turtleneck) Tuesday: Encouraging businesses to increase or decrease the temperature by 2 degrees to reduce cooling or heating costs.
  • Walk to Work Wednesday: Encouraging active transportation, health promotion, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Turn off the Tube on Thursday Evening:  Encouraging everyone to spend an evening free of electronic gadgetry including computers and televisions.  Get out those board games and cards!  

The full list of recommended activities and explanations on how to participate can be found at: www.earthwisethunderbay.comor 

For more information visit: 

- 30 -

Contact: Sarah Kerton, Community Environment Action Plan Coordinator, 625-2411 or,