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City Government

Outdoor Burning Violations

June 12, 2013 – Thunder Bay Fire Rescue responded to numerous calls over the weekend involving smoke complaints. Illegal outdoor burning was found to be taking place at residences on Cavar Road, Gardenbriar Road, RS Piper Avenue, and Redwood Avenue. None of the property owners had a valid outdoor burning permit and now face charges in Provincial Court for violating the Ontario Fire Code.

“Most Thunder Bay residents are getting the message that they need a permit to burn outdoors,  but there are still some who refuse to follow the safe rules,” said Fire Chief John Hay. “Failure to follow the rules and regulations of the outdoor burning permit will also result in prosecution and fine.”

For more information, or to apply for a Burning Permit online, go to


Contact: Public Education Officer Anthony Stokaluk, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue, 625-2802 or 631-7033