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City Government

Parks Division Introduces ‘Water Bar’ for Summer Events

June 25, 2009 – In keeping with Council’s strategic priority for a cleaner, greener and more beautiful Thunder Bay, staff with the City Parks division have built a Water Bar that will be launched at the Canada Day activities on Wednesday, July 1 at Marina Park.

The Water Bar unit is hooked up by a hose to the municipal water supply, and people can simply place their refillable water bottles under the tap of the unit and pull the handle to fill their container. 

The idea came from a unit in London, and was built from a photo that was sent. Parks staff loved the idea.  They had no instructions, just simply based their plans on this photo and did their own research.

“I was in contact with the Ministry of Environment, Bare Point Water Treatment Plant, the City Meter Shop, the City Sign Shop, and numerous others to gather information,” said Brian Loucks, Parks Supervisor. “It took about 10 hours to actually build.”

The unit is transportable, and will be used throughout the summer at City-run events. TBayTel sponsored the majority of the costs associated with the Water Bar unit.


Contact: Brian Loucks, Parks Supervisor, 624-7387