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Protect Your Pet: Reserve Now for Upcoming Chip-a-thon

Lady with two dogsMarch 29, 2011 – Thunder Bay Animal Services is encouraging all pet owners to protect their pets by participating in the upcoming Chip-a-thon on Saturday, April 2 from 10 am to 3 pm at the City’s Animal Services Centre at 882 Alloy Place.

“Micro-chipping is a safe, foolproof way of permanently identifying a pet’s owner and address,” said Jody Kondrat, Supervisor – Animal Services. “A micro-chip could save your pet’s life. In some cases, your pet will even receive a free ride home if lost. Also, spayed or neutered pets that are microchipped receive a lifetime licence for a one time fee of only $15 – no more annual licence fees!”

The Chip-a-thon allows pet owners to have their pet micro-chipped by local veterinarians for $35 for the first pet, and just $30 for each additional pet. The tiny device can be safely implanted just under the skin between the animal’s shoulder blades by a simple injection and contains a 10-digit ID code that can only be read when an electronic scanner is passed over the animal’s back.

Contact the Animal Services Centre at 684-2156 to book your appointment. Full payment is necessary and must be made prior to Thursday, March 31 (Mastercard, Visa, direct debit or cash is accepted). 2011 Pet Licences will also be available. If a pet qualifies for a life-time tag, pet owners are asked to provide a veterinary certificate as proof the animal has been spayed or neutered to obtain their tag.

The Chip-a-thon is hosted by Thunder Bay Animal Services and the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society, in cooperation with Friends of the Animals and veterinarians from Highview Animal Clinic, Meadows Animal Clinic, Northwestern Veterinary Hospital, Thunder Bay Veterinary Hospital and Crossroads Veterinary Clinic.

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Contact:   Ron Bourret, Manager – Animal Services, 625-2644

Another "Responsible Pet Ownership" initiative from your City of Thunder Bay Animal Services and the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society!