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Public Art Competition for Bike Rack Panel Designs

March 15, 2012 - The City of Thunder Bay is inviting local and regional artists to submit proposals for artistic designs that will be transferred onto circular panels and incorporated onto bike racks. The racks are part of a new Bike Racks for Business program, and will be installed at various locations throughout the City.

“It’s an excellent opportunity for local and regional artists because the City is taking on aspects like fabrication and installation, so artists with less experience in those areas can still provide designs and compete” said Reana Mussato, Public Art Coordinator.

The competition is administered through the Recreation & Culture Division and guided by the Public Art Policy. A jury will select four winning designs. The bike racks, with their artwork, will be available for installation at the entrances of local businesses through a future application process.

“The artwork is the first step in the new program” said Lee Amelia, Program Development Intern for Active Transportation. “This program offers a solution to an existing need identified in both the business and cycling communities. It allows cyclists to shop locally in a safe and convenient way.”

Project funding was provided by the City’s Clean, Green and Beautiful Committee.

The deadline for artists to prepare submissions is April 23. The submission document can be downloaded at, or a hard copy can be picked up at the Supply Management Division, located in the Victoriaville Civic Centre, 111 Syndicate Avenue South.

For more information visit:

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Contact: Reana Mussato, Public Art Coordinator, 625-2365