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Residents Urged to Clear the Way

January 7, 2008 - Canada Post, along with the City of Thunder Bay, Thunder Bay Hydro, TBayTel, Union Gas, The Chronicle Journal and Dougall Media, are asking residents to Clear the Way to make winter safer for local service personnel. Officials from the partner organizations launched a special campaign today that was created in response to this winter's already bountiful snowfall to help address the unique challenges faced by local service personnel who attend residential homes.

On any given workday, letter and newspaper carriers, meter readers or utility staff need to access areas of your home that snow has covered. While most people clear snow from their driveway to their main door during the winter, they often neglect to consider creating paths to meters or mailboxes after a snowfall. Each year, many service personnel are injured on the job due to slip and fall accidents due to unclear or icy areas.

In Thunder Bay, partner agencies for the Clear the Way campaign agree that slips, trips and falls account for a high percentage of all injuries reported, generally around 30%. Canada Post reports a whopping 60% of all injuries to carriers are slips, trips and falls. More than 70% of all accidents occur on or near their customers' property. On a provincial basis, between 10-12% of each year's WSIB claims are due to falls occurring on the same level 1. Structures that include walkways account for almost 20% of the source of injury for compensation claims and injuries on the job result in an average of two weeks off work.

If a mail or newspaper carrier judges a walkway or set of stairs to be dangerous, they are not obligated to deliver to that particular address until the walking surfaces are improved. This can cause unnecessary delivery delays. Meter readers will often estimate readings for meters that are inaccessible. Over the winter season, this can result in unpleasant billing surprises. So Clearing the Way is a practice that is valuable for everyone!


Media Contact: Kathi Neal, Manager of Media & Community Affairs-Canada Post,
(204) 987-5763 or (204) 880-8413,
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*1 Slips and trips, as opposed to falls from one level to another. Statistical Supplement to WSIB Annual Report 2006