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Save Money and the Environment - Become an EcoDriver

May 17, 2011 – EarthWise Thunder Bay is hosting a free EcoDriver workshop for local citizens as part of the Climate Idols Program. Participants will learn new driving and vehicle maintenance techniques that will reduce their fuel consumption, saving them money while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“This workshop couldn’t happen at a better time as costs continue to increase at the pumps,” said Mayor Keith Hobbs. “Since many people aren’t able to avoid driving completely, the EcoDriver program empowers them to reduce their gasoline consumption through small changes in their driving behaviour. Small changes can result in big benefits.” 

When it comes to how we drive, the difference between the most fuel-efficient and least fuel-efficient drivers on the road is in the range of 35 per cent, with poorly tuned vehicles creating up to 50 per cent more emissions and using considerably more gas. EcoDriver is a project of Green Communities Canada that aims to close this gap by educating drivers on better driving habits and proper vehicle maintenance, allowing drivers to get the most mileage out of their vehicles and save money while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. EcoDriver workshops are delivered across Ontario by various organizations, and in Thunder Bay, by EcoSuperior.

“With gas prices at $1.43, the longer between fill-ups the better,” said Derek Tessier of EcoSuperior, who delivers the EcoDriver Training. “Dropping your highway speed from 100km/h to 90 km/h not only avoids speeding tickets but increases your fuel efficiency by 10 per cent.”

Learn more tips and tricks at the EcoDriver workshop on May 18, 7 pm at the Waverley Resource Library, downstairs auditorium. This workshop is open to the public and free of charge.

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Kelsey Johansen, Acting Community Environmental Action Plan Coordinator - City of Thunder Bay, 625-2411,
Derek Tessier, Program Coordinator - EcoSuperior Environmental Programs,