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Saying Thank You to Our Health Care Professionals

October 14, 2011 – Citizens of Thunder Bay once again have an opportunity to acknowledge the extraordinary care provided by their health care professionals. The community is encouraged to thank their health care professionals during the 8th Annual Health Care Professional Appreciation Week campaign being held from Oct. 17 to 23.

Hundreds of nurses, technicians, pharmacists, therapists, physicians, paramedics, social workers, and other health care professionals provide countless hours of extraordinary care and compassion to their patients. These highly trained people contribute greatly to the higher quality of life enjoyed by the citizens of Thunder Bay. Health Care Professional Appreciation Week is an opportunity to let them know how much the community appreciates the care they provide.

“Health Care Professional Appreciation week is an opportunity for everyone to say thank you to a health care professional who has provided special care for them personally or for someone in their family,” said Cheryl Armstrong, Community Relations Coordinator. “Please take a moment to send your thanks and tell these extraordinary people that you truly do appreciate their care.”

Messages can be sent in the following ways:

Thank you notes received will be forwarded to the intended health care professional. Selected notes will be published in a special four page supplement in the Chronicle-Journal in November. Messages are to be kept to 130 words or less.

For more information visit or call 625-2247.

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Contact: Cheryl Armstrong, Community Relations Coordinator, 625-2247