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Spring Into May – Spring Clean Up Begins!

Event date: Wednesday, May 01, 2013, from 11:20 AM to 11:20 AM

May 1, 2013 –Thunder Bay’s 17th annual Spring Up to Clean Up campaign was officially launched today. To kick off the clean-up efforts, close to 90 businesses and offices took part in the annual 20-Minute Makeover for workplaces at 10 am. Staff and management at workplaces all over town stepped outside for 20 minutes to clean up litter from around their neighbourhoods. Registered workplaces received Spring Up garbage bags, public recognition and Tim Cards from event sponsor Tim Hortons.

City Councillor Joe Virdiramo, Jason Sherband, City of Thunder Bay, Solid Waste Diversion & Recycling Coordinator and Jennifer Hansen EcoSuperior, Spring Up Coordinator rallied participants at the event hosted by Westfort Foods and the West Fort BIA.

“Spring Up volunteers are very proud of our City, and it is an honour to work with them,” said Jennifer Hansen. “Just over 10,000 participants picked up trash from over 250 neighbourhoods, roadsides, school yards, parks and recreation trails last year. We already have about 8,800 people registered for this year, with new groups signing up daily. This is a great example of civic pride and the power of many individuals making a big difference.”

More Ways to Get Involved & Contests
There are many ways to get involved and demonstrate pride in our city.
Sign Up and Spring Up to clean your neighbourhood:
Individuals, families, workplaces, schools and community groups can still register their May litter clean-ups to receive free garbage and recycling bags, prizes and public recognition. Sign up on-line at , or contact call 624-2142.

Poster, Video & Photo Contests
There are also many contests to take part in to help with litter reduction. Elementary students can enter the Litter-Free poster contest for a chance to win prizes and have their poster printed and distributed around the city. Youth and adults can make their own video to help convince people to work together for a clean, green and beautiful Thunder Bay by not littering in the first place. The top videos will be posted on the website, and will qualify for cash prizes, gift certificates from Boston Pizza, and more. The winning videos in each category will be aired on Thunder Bay Television. This contest is sponsored by Dougall Media and Boston Pizza.
Not a student? No worries – anyone can enter the Spring Up photo contest. All contest information can be found at or by calling 624-2142.

Leaf and Yard Waste Curb-side Collection - May 21-31 on Recycling Day
Place your leaves, bundled branches, and garden waste out for curb-side pickup on your regular recycling day between May 21 and 31. Look for the leaf symbol on your garbage collection. Use only kraft (paper) bags or clear plastic bags. Kraft bags are preferred as they are biodegradable and can be placed directly into the compost pile. These materials are taken to the City of Thunder Bay Solid Waste & Recycling Facility and made into soil enriching compost. No grass clippings please, as they may catch fire. Leave them on your lawn for a natural fertilizer, add them to your compost pile, or use them as mulch in your garden.

If everyone pitches in around their homes and workplaces, Thunder Bay gets a real makeover! 


Contacts:   Jennifer Hansen, EcoSuperior Program Coordinator for Spring Up to Clean Up 2013
624-2142 or

Jason Sherband, City of Thunder Bay, Solid Waste Diversion & Recycling Coordinator
625-3851 or