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Strategic Approach to Infrastructure Application

April 28, 2009 – The City of Thunder Bay will take a strategic, community-focused approach when it submits this Friday its detailed project applications for Federal/Provincial funding of Infrastructure Projects.

The application will include a mix of key City and community projects that will contribute to building and diversifying Thunder Bay’s economy. On Monday night, Council approved the following projects to be included in the City’s application:

  • Waterfront Development, Council’s highest priority - $66 million
  • Co-Gen Facility - $11 million
  • Street Light Replacement program to LED and Night Sky Technology - $6 million
  • Cruise Ship terminal improvements - $200,000
  • Airfield improvements at the Airport - $16.7 million
  • Port Authority infrastructure improvements - $16.3 million
  • Mary J. L. Black Library facility renewal - $4.1 million
  • Finlandia Club restoration - $0.7 million (unless Administration receives information that this project should be submitted as part of a different process).

As well, Council will recommend support for a separate application for a proposed infrastructure project from Confederation College, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre and the Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute related to a new $51.3 million Health Sciences and Translational Research Facility. An application has been submitted for funding under the Knowledge and Infrastructure Program for this new 120,000 square foot facility.

“This collaborative approach is a signature for this community and we believe it will differentiate us again,” said Mayor Lynn Peterson.

In January, the City started getting ready for anticipated infrastructure stimulus funding programs. City Council met at a non-business meeting to review the City’s list of some 30 shovel-ready projects and receive updates on a number of community infrastructure initiatives. Administration considered all this information – in conjunction with the program guidelines released on April 16 – and, after much deliberation, recommended to Council a short list of projects with the greatest benefit for the community as a whole, in terms of jobs, cost savings, and new infrastructure to support further development and meet community needs.

“Rather than submit a long list of all eligible infrastructure projects we are taking an approach that is targeted and strategic,” said City Manager Tim Commisso. “This is another opportunity for Thunder Bay to build strong economic development partnerships and synergies to bring the greatest overall benefit to the community.”

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Contact: Tim Commisso, City Manager, 625-2224