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Thunder Bay Climate Idols’ Year Wraps Up

March 2, 2012 – Over the last year, EarthWise® Thunder Bay’s four local Climate Idol families have participated in a variety of quarterly Challenges in the areas of Energy, Transportation, Food and Lifestyle. On Saturday, March 3 they will celebrate the completion of their eventful and fulfilling year.

“Thunder Bay’s four families represent a variety of lifestyles and neighbourhoods across the city, and have really come together to champion green living in our community,” said Kelsey Johansen, Acting EarthWise® Thunder Bay Community Environmental Action Plan Coordinator. “I have enjoyed sharing in their journey and learned a lot in the process. They are an inspiration and demonstrate how simple acts adopted in diverse households can lead to living green in Thunder Bay.”

The project was a partnership between EarthWise® Thunder Bay and Duluth Sister Cities International as part of Thunder Bay’s Sister Cities program. Each community selected four families. Coaching was provided by families in Växjö, Sweden, Duluth’s Sister City, dubbed the “greenest city in Europe.”

The four Climate Idol families, described below, comprised 13 people, one dog, one cat and two rats:

Emily and Mat are local educators living with their dog and two pet rats in Current River. After hiking the Appalachian Trail and realizing they could carry everything they needed on their backs, they were gung-ho to minimize the “stuff” in their lives and simultaneously reduce their carbon footprint. 

Krista is a single parent with an 8-year-old son who is part of his school’s “Green Team.” They live in the Westfort Ward and want to learn more about lessening their environmental impact. They have been excited to share what they learned through the Challenges with their large extended family.

Chris and Karen are parents to Kiishatay (6) and Lotus (4), as well as to Ronin, their 10-year-old cat. They live in the Intercity area and enjoyed the opportunity to work together as a family and make their home healthier for themselves and the earth.

Todd and Begona manage a busy household with Olivia (10), Mitchell (8) and Gabriel (3) in Northwood. With the aim of living greener, they investigated what skills are necessary to inject meaningful change into their busy lives.                  

For more information visit, and to read more about the Idols and learn about their experiences of the challenges visit

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Contact:  Kelsey Johansen, Acting Community Environmental Action Plan Coordinator, 625-2411